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Die Bucht von Cala Pi, Bild: vulcano / shutterstock

Cala Pi in Mallorca – one of the most photographed bays on the island

Cala Pi is one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca – a natural harbour located at the mouth of a torrent on the south coast of the island, more precisely in the district of Llucmajor, not far from Sa Rapita and the famous Es Trenc beach, surrounded by pine trees from which it takes its name. It is a beautiful cove with crystal clear turquoise waters, which is also one of the most unique in Mallorca, as the sea naturally penetrates between 30-metre-high rocks and fishermen’s huts, forming a cove sheltered from the wind with low waves, making it ideal for families and swimmers.

Cala Pi in Mallorca – a great destination for a family holiday

Cala Pi is a beautiful family cove that is also visited by couples and, as mentioned at the beginning, is sheltered from the wind thanks to its huge cliffs, so that in summer it attracts not only bathers but also numerous luxury yachts. The sea penetrates dozens of meters inland between huge cliffs almost 30 meters high. It is a very narrow beach of about 50 meters, but it is still very long, so if you are late you have to step back from the water. If you don’t have an umbrella, it is advisable to stand on the left side of the beach, as it is shaded there in the morning. To get to it, you have to go down a long staircase with 147 stone steps, which is located next to the Mirador restaurant. Cala Pi is a semi-urban beach, as it is surrounded by pine trees and the small, quiet village of the same name. It is advisable to shop in the small supermarket on the beach itself, as there are no services on the beach, only a lifeguard.

Where to stay in Cala Pi?

The south of Mallorca is one of the best places to stay on the island, so this cove is a great choice. There are numerous holiday homes, villas and apartments available in the region, all of which are very well equipped and most of them have their own pool. The most famous hotel in this area of Mallorca is the Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club, a great place to stay overlooking the bay, with a gym, a small supermarket, a swimming pool and a grill restaurant. Some of the most recommended villas in this place are Houm Villa Cala Pi or Torres de Cala Pi.

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Where to eat in Cala Pi?

Torre de Cala Pi
Torre de Cala Pi, Image: vulcano / shutterstock

Probably the best restaurant in Cala Pi is Taverna La Paleta, a budget eatery where you can try delicious dishes such as avocado with prawns or red fish curry. Another of the best restaurants in Cala Pi is Miquelet or Miguel, a place where you can taste delicious rice dishes and pizzas on a beautiful terrace, accompanied by a good sangria. Not to be forgotten is Sa Terrassa, a restaurant with good service and a good menu of rice, meat and fish. On some days there is also live music.

What activities does Cala Pi offer?

One of the most interesting things to do in this bay of Mallorca is to visit an old defensive tower dating back to 1663, which was restored in 2018. If you like hiking, from the fishermen’s huts you can take a 7 km easy hiking trail along the cliffs with views of the archipelago of Cabrera towards Cala Beltrán. From this small cove you can continue the route to Cap Blanc, another old defensive tower from the 16th century, and to the lighthouse of Cabo Blanco from the late 19th century. This trail is marked with milestones, so you won’t get lost. To the right of the mouth of the Cala Pi torrent you can also visit an artificial cave from the Talayotic period, which is believed to have been a mass grave in ancient times. Another activity in Cala Pi is Psicobloc, a variant of sport climbing that involves climbing a wall above water. Since 2018, there have been signposted routes for this sport in this bay in Mallorca. After all, you can’t leave without snorkeling in the calm waters. But be careful with the boats that usually dock in the bay!

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Be sure to visit the Palma Aquarium with your children

Walk through a tunnel surrounded by sharks and observe more than 8,000 marine species in one of the best aquariums in the Mediterranean on your excursions to Palma de Mallorca. With 55 tanks and over five million litres of water, Palma Aquarium is home to one of the most diverse species of marine animals in the Mediterranean. Here you can see everything from rays and seahorses to octopuses and exotic fish. Feed the sharks and turtles and get to know the sea creatures that live off the coast of Mallorca. There is also an area dedicated to the sea creatures of the Mediterranean. This part of the aquarium makes up almost half of the tanks. You can see groupers and wrasses, as well as colorful crawfish and octopus. On the information boards next to the pools you will find information about the unique environment of the Mediterranean.

Cala Pi viewpoint

Just before descending to the beach, there is a small path on the left that leads to a small man-made rocky outcrop. This is a place where no influencer or travel blogger visiting Mallorca will fail to take a photo. If you feel like an influencer and want to show off on your social networks, you can’t miss the Cala Pi viewpoint, probably the most beautiful place in Mallorca that you can see on Instagram.

What to see near Cala Pi

Near Cala Pi you can visit Vallgornera and Sa Vinyola, two of the most peaceful villages in Mallorca, or Llucmajor, a larger town about 20 km away. Other excursion destinations in the area of Cala Pi are the village of Sa Rapita, about 18 kilometres away, with a beautiful bay, or Colonia de Sant Jordi. Just over 4 kilometres away, next to the Ma-6014 road, is the Talayotic settlement of Capocorb, which consists of five talayots and 28 Iron Age dwellings.

Cala Pi awaits you for an unforgettable holiday

Travel to Cala Pi, a secluded place highly appreciated for its beaches, sporting events and local cuisine. Discover everything that awaits you in Cala Pi, an ideal destination for family tourism: its beaches, its restaurants and places of interest as famous as Playa de Cala Pi