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Mit der richtigen Kleidung im Herbst wandern, Bild: everst / shutterstock

Autumn hikes: the beauty of autumn landscapes and their attraction

Autumn, a season of fascinating changes in nature, offers the ideal conditions for unforgettable hikes. In this article, we’ll explore the magnificent autumn landscapes and the reasons why autumn is the perfect time for outdoor adventures.

The beautiful autumn landscapes

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons for hiking. Nature presents itself in all its glory when the leaves of the trees turn into a bright play of colors. The warm reds, vivid oranges and soothing yellows of the leaves conjure up a breathtaking backdrop. The autumn landscapes are a feast for the senses, a real feast for the eyes.

A walk through the forest in autumn makes hearts beat faster. The rustling leaves under the hiking boots produce a soothing sound that drives away the stress of everyday life. The clear autumn air is filled with a scent of fresh leaves and earth that invigorates the lungs and refreshes the senses.

In addition to the forests, the autumnal mountains and valleys also offer breathtaking views. The mountain peaks are often covered by a thin blanket of snow that glistens in the morning sun. The valleys are streaked with fog, which slowly settles over the landscape and creates a mysterious ambience. Autumnal lakes reflect the surrounding trees and blue skies, and the reflections on the surface of the water are simply mesmerizing.

Why hike in autumn?

Why should you hike in autumn? There are many reasons that make this time of year particularly attractive for outdoor activities. First, the weather in autumn is often pleasantly mild. The heat of summer is over, but the bitter cold of winter has not yet set in. This creates ideal conditions for hikes where you don’t break a sweat or freeze.

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Secondly, the autumn landscapes are less crowded. Compared to summer, when most people go hiking, the paths are quieter and more peaceful in autumn. You will have the opportunity to enjoy nature in its full glory without being surrounded by crowds.

Thirdly, the autumnal colours are simply enchanting. The photography enthusiasts among us will appreciate the opportunity to capture stunning images of the glowing leaves and picturesque landscapes.

How to prepare for excursions

A hike in autumn requires thorough preparation. Since temperatures can fluctuate greatly, it is essential to take layered clothing, warm jackets and accessories such as gloves and matching socks. You might think that the last two points are not so important, but they are. Therefore, you should choose these accessories wisely, especially if you plan to go on long hikes. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact brands that are known for the quality and reliability of their products. You can find tactical jackets at Beretta, a reliable outdoor clothing brand that offers high-quality products.

In addition, every hiker should opt for hiking boots that are suitable for such excursions and the season, as the paths can be slippery due to falling leaves and moisture. On top of that, the light decreases earlier in autumn, so it makes sense to plan your activities accordingly. It’s better to plan your departures in the morning and return in the afternoon, long before the sun goes down, so you can anticipate any delay and not be left in the dark.

For hiking enthusiasts, the paths through the colorful forests offer an unforgettable experience. Make sure you have a map of the trails with you and follow the guidelines of the national parks for your safety. Take plenty of water and high-energy snacks with you to keep you on your hikes. And don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the magnificent scenery that presents itself.

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