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Kategorie – San Marino

San Marino, a tiny enclave in Italy, offers a fascinating journey through history. The ancient republic is one of the oldest in the world and impresses with its well-preserved medieval architecture.

Visit the capital San Marino and explore the winding streets of the old town. The landmark, the Guaita Fortress, offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Cultural treasures such as the National Museum and the Museum of Modern Art are worth a visit. In the charming restaurants you can enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine.

San Marino is a place where time seems to stand still and the charm of yesteryear can still be felt. Discover the timeless beauty of this small republic and immerse yourself in its rich history.

San Marino – State in the middle of Italy

In the middle of Italy, often unnoticed by the news or major European politics, is the tiny state of San Marino. The fifth smallest country in the world covers just 60 square kilometres and is a place full of curiosities and special features that make a trip recommendable on its own. Apart from the small size, however, there are some interesting sights and a unique...